Office Hours: M-F: 8am-4pm

Office: 812-576-4302

Fax: 812-576-2324

Office & Parish Coordinator:
Emily Alig |
Marilyn White |
Maureen Stenger |
Jane Dever |
Pat Stenger |
Young Adult & Technology Coordinator:
Claire Keck |
Youth Minister:
Lucy Herth |
Youth & YA Assistant:
Luke Hornbach |
Coordinators of Catechesis:
Cyndi Voegele & Teresa Callahan | 812-576-0200
7th and 8th Grade Religious Ed:
Joyce Munchel & Chris Braun
Adult Faith Formation:
Christine Eppert |
Music Director (Weddings & Funerals):
Cyndi Voegele |
Bereavement Ministry:
Cheryl Wilhelm |
Health Ministry:
Robin Fox |
Kings Men:
Andrew Middendorf |
Joe Yunger |
Website Coordinator
Jim Gowdy |
Facility Usage:
St. John the Baptist Campus
Parish Office | 812-576-4302
St. Joseph Campus
Marlene Hoog | 812-576-4531
St. Martin Campus
Parish Office | 812-576-4302
St. Paul Campus
Jeff Crail | 812-655-7587 or Lisa Crail | 812-655-7588
Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)
Jeff Brand
Vice Chair: Keith Joerger
Secretary: Peggy Smith
Members: RJ Beck • Brandy Bittner
 Michelle Deddens • Tom Huber • Randy
 Schneider • Travis Swales • Jeff Weckenbrock
Physical Facilities Committee
St. John the Baptist Campus

 Ray Brichler 812-576-3683
 Bob Gaynor 812-637-3323
 Doug Lindle 513-304-2648
St. Joseph Campus
 Marlene Hoog 812-576-4531
 Buck & Linda Hoog 812-576-3231
 Chris Bittner 812-576-6001
St. Paul Campus
 Jerry Graf 812-623-3805
 Larry Hoffbauer 812-576-2955
 Larry Joerger 812-576-2005
 Bill Reatherford 812-623-0019
St. Martin Campus
 Tom Peters 812-487-2446
 Gene Cleary 812-487-2570
 Brian White 812-487-2011
 Rick Hartman 812-584-4564
Anointing of the Sick/ Communion Calls
Please call the parish office 812-576-4302
Anointing of the Sick in Mass
First Monday of each month 5:45pm at St. John’s
Baptismal Preparation
Please contact Marilyn White, 812-576-4302.
RCIA For persons wanting to learn more about the Catholic faith. Please contact Cindy White |
New & Moving Parishioners
Please contact the parish office at 812-576-4302
Pastoral Emergency An emergency requiring a priest 513-255-4575
Faith Formation Commission (FFC)
Gina Graf – President
• Elizabeth Bodenberg
Bobbie Bauman • Abby White
Mary Jo Trossman • Brent Bauman
Darren Weber • Stephanie Dole
Sarah Alig • Paul Weckenbrock
Holly Siegel • Dave Siegel
Jane Fischer • Jake White
Jessica Gilmour • Lori Hartman
Finance Commission
Randy Maxwell
Secretary: Cathy Martini
Members: Chris Gillman, Rob Combs,
 Laura Schuman, Julie Baker
Ladies Sodality
Debbie Yeager 513-646-4755
Vice Chair: Mary Graf 812-623-2513
Treasurer: Marlene Graf 812-576-4208
Secretary: Anne Decker 812-212-3971
Preschool: St. John Campus

25743 State Route 1 Dover, IN 47022
Preschool Director
Sally Bertram 513-313-1492
Preschool Teachers
Bridget Hornbach • Debbie Schneider
Lisa Spangler
School Advisory Board: Jared Vogelsang, Megan Swales, Jeff Mersmann, Andrea Brown, Cara Jacobs
Bring announcements to the Parish Office or email no later than 2:30-3:00pm Thursday. Bulletin is completed Thursdays.

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